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They would never have thought when they were kids living just a few houses from each other, playing in the same woods that on the day of their wedding they’d be getting ready just a few houses from each other near those woods, getting ready for each other.

Sarah and Phil’s Otley Chevin Hotel & Spa wedding day started in Leeds in their own family home and Sarah’s parents’ house. They were both very excited of course, but the usual nerves weren’t on show. They were confident and knew the whole day will play out just nicely. Everything was well planned and in place. After a few beers with his groomsmen, Phil even found a few last minute instructions on the front door. In case he would have forgotten to take the bin out or forgotten he needed rings for his own wedding, there it was. A list, written by Sarah. It all made sense. We did have a good giggle with the boys though. So very ‘wifey’ of her already, we thought.

At the start of the ceremony, the moment Sarah walked into the room from the balcony, time stopped just for a bit. For Phil, it might have been an eternity watching his bride walk down the aisle. She looked stunning and emotions were rising high. When two fun and strong characters come together they can create a whirlwind and it’s most definitely true for Sarah & Phil. The extremely touching speeches and hilarious stories from both of them made this wedding very unique.

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Their little girl Ava is one of the most confident tiny toddlers I’ve ever met, already with a great sense of humour at an early age. We had a glimpse of her grand personality earlier this year at Sarah & Phil’s engagement shoot and couldn’t wait to see what she has in store for the wedding day. She kept the entertainment going from the morning preparations throughout the group photos, which we all know can be sometimes a little less exciting.

When the evening guests arrived, the dancefloor was filled in an instant. The party was still going strong a few hours after the uptempo Beatles first dance song. I could feel the warm summer breeze from the lake at the Chevin forest through the open patio doors. The atmosphere was great and there was so much love in the room. Old friends, new friends, best friends. It was an honour to be a part of it all.

– Brigitta

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