Dalhousie Castle Wedding – Emma&Adam

Dalhousie Castle Wedding

Edinburgh Wedding Photographers – Dalhousie Castle Wedding

Emotions are high on each wedding. The atmosphere is full of love and happiness. As professionals we always try not to get carried away with all the tears and laughter, but I suppose when we allow ourselves to get more involved, the images we produce have a lot more meaning to them.

They tell a more delicate story. A story about not just two people in love, but all the feelings that family and friends have for them, those who shape their journey of life and make it the adventure that it becomes. Together. We cry and laugh at all of our weddings and we hope the way we feel comes across our images every time.

This Dalhousie Castle wedding in Edinburgh was a very special one to our hearts. Photographing family members’ or friends’ weddings are a little more challenging, as we get more absorbed in everything that goes on during the day. Jonny’s cousin, Emma and her fiancee Adam are one of those couples who were comfortable for almost 10 years of being engaged. Emma might have over used the word fiancee, I’m not sure. Something snapped in them and they announced the wedding date last year.

They chose Dalhousie Castle wedding venue as the place that mostly represented both their traditional values and love for Scotland. It felt like time has stopped in the 13th century and I was transported to this truly magnificent fortress by the River Esk. I was stunned. Jonny was a shaking mess. After getting himself together to step into the Bridal Suite little tears came flooding. I knew then, that by the end of the day we will be drained, both physically and emotionally. He stayed with her capturing all the silliness of the three Hogwarts geeks and the nervous chatter and beauty of his cousin, Emma.

I met Adam at the staircase, but lost him immediately, as he was trying to figure out what else needs doing. I then spent some time in what felt like a maze, behind hidden doors and tiny stairwells with labyrinth like corridors, before finally finding him. His nerves needed a calming hug. He was one of the most nervous grooms I’ve ever come across. You would think, after that long time of being engaged, there’s not many surprises that can happen to you. The overwhelming weight of love, hope and faith can affect all of us. After all it’s these three that keep us going forwards.

– Brigitta

Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_01 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_02 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_03 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_04 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_05 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_09 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_07 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_08 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_10 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_11 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_12 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_13 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_15 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_14 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_06 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_16 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_17 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_18 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_19 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_20 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_21 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_22
Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_24 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_25 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_26 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_27 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_28 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_29 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_30 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_31 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_32 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_33 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_34 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_35 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_36 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_37 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_38 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_39 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_40 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_41 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_42 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_44 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_43 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_45 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_46 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_48 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_47 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_50 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_49 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_52 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_51 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_53 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_55 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_56 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_54 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_58 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_57 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_59 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_60 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_61 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_62 Edinburgh_Wedding_Dalhousie_Castle_63

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