Winter Engagement Shoot – Kirstie&Alistair

Winter Engagement Shoot – Yorkshire Wedding Photography

Crisp and sunny winter mornings bring an amazing orange colour from the low sun. We love playing with natural light. The contrast of the white snow and the shimmering light was beautiful at this Bolton Abbey winter engagement shoot with Kirstie and Alistair. We jumped in the car with them in the valley and followed the light up to the top. The views were stunning. Kirstie and Alistair wanted some relaxed photos of themselves with rolling hills, that remind both of them of their homes in Lancashire and Scotland. They were playful with each other and enjoyed our brisk walk in the freezing Yorkshire countryside.

Planning shoots out of tourist season and in the early hours of the day allows us to have the location all to ourselves and fully enjoy what each place has to offer. When we walked down to Bolton Abbey, all we found were the ducks on the river. Cute little duck families. Everything was calm. Kirstie and Alistair’s love for each other on this peaceful quiet morning was something special to capture.

– Brigitta

Bolton Abbey Engagement shoot

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