Whitley Bay Engagement Shoot – Kate&Michael

Whitley Bay Engagement Shoot – North East Wedding Photography

Christmas time is special. We all want to spend it with loved ones. Living abroad is exciting and it opens up possibilities and opportunities. Coming home though is a feeling that will take us back to childhood in an instant. This Whitley Bay engagement shoot was just that. A travel back in time. Kate feels strongly about the place she grew up in. She loves the tranquility of the seaside and Whitley Bay brings her back fond memories.

Walking around the area on this gorgeous sunny morning a few days after Christmas was what she wanted to share with Michael. They flew back from Dubai for the holidays and decided it would be the best place for us to capture their love for each other and Kate’s love for Whitley Bay.

She took us to the rock pools she used to play in, out to the lighthouse by the coast and we found some small caves on the beach too. Bringing Michael here was important to Kate. She wanted to share. She wanted Michael to be able to get a glimpse of her past.

We couldn’t have asked for more from this shoot. Stunning sunny winter day and a fun, relaxed couple, so deep in love. We cannot wait for their big summer wedding extravaganza in a few months time.

– Brigitta

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