Nysha & Jon Brook

We were absolutely delighted with the work that Avenue White did for our wedding. From the first meeting, they set us at ease and helped us feel confident that they understood what we wanted.
On the wedding day, both photographers were engaged and supportive, allowing the day to run naturally whilst keeping us on time and ensuring the photos we’d asked for were captured. Given how overwhelming the day itself was, it was a great relief to have someone there to ensure nothing was missed.
The photos represent a real snapshot of the day, and wonderfully capture the energy and happiness. It had taken us so long to realise our wedding, that it means the world to us to have such expressive photos. All our friends and family loved them and they helped us to relive the moment all over again.
We had declined the slide show, as we hadn’t thought that it was necessary and just wanted as many shots as we could get, but Jonny and Brigitta kindly made one for us anyway. I can’t begin to express how happy I am that they did, I watch it at least once a week and it makes me smile and cry happy tears in turn. It’s a wonderful way to capture the day and we’re so happy that they were so attentive. The attention to detail in the arrival of the photos was also very touching. It was a wonderful surprise and will be treasured through many anniversaries to come.
Thank you Avenue White for all your work and patience with us, you have given us a most wonderful collection of our memories from the most amazing day.
Nysha and Jon xx

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