Temple Newsam Engagement Shoot Leeds – Laura&Tom

Temple Newsam Engagement shoot Leeds

Temple Newsam Engagement Shoot – Leeds Wedding Photographers

We’re excited to share some images of Laura and Tom’s Temple Newsam engagement shoot this week, seeing as the couple are about to get married on Saturday.

Due to lots of rainy afternoons and evenings this summer, we had to reschedule their pre wedding photo session. This last minute meet up didn’t phase them though, they were only slightly worried they would need more guidance from us during the shoot. They, like many other couples, didn’t think they would come across natural on the photographs. How wrong were they. We loved the walk with them around the gardens and the park of Temple Newsam in Leeds. They were in very good spirits, with twinkles in their eyes. They were naturals without knowing it.

The wedding was of course our main topic during the shoot. It’s interesting to see more and more brides, who want to add an extra enjoyment factor to the groom’s day at their wedding. Laura decided, that if she can get the dress of her dreams, Tom should get something special too. As a result – much to my tomboyish excitement – Tom and I will be arriving by helicopter to The Devonshire Arms on Saturday. To say I’m looking forward to it, would be an understatement. I’m nervous too though. Let’s just say, I hope the images up high will live up to all of our expectations and Tom will have some stunning memories to treasure for many years to come.

Laura will step into their marriage with some amazing wife brownie points under her belt. Tom, it’s your turn next!

– Brigitta
Temple_Newsam_Engagament_Shoot_01 Temple_Newsam_Engagament_Shoot_02 Temple_Newsam_Engagament_Shoot_03 Temple_Newsam_Engagament_Shoot_04 Temple_Newsam_Engagament_Shoot_05 Temple_Newsam_Engagament_Shoot_06 Temple_Newsam_Engagament_Shoot_08 Temple_Newsam_Engagament_Shoot_09 Temple_Newsam_Engagament_Shoot_07 Temple_Newsam_Engagament_Shoot_10 Temple_Newsam_Engagament_Shoot_12 Temple_Newsam_Engagament_Shoot_13 Temple_Newsam_Engagament_Shoot_14 Temple_Newsam_Engagament_Shoot_15

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  2. Thank you for the compliments Maria. It was a beautiful wedding and we cannot wait to start editing the photos :)

  3. Maria says:

    Absolutely wonderful pictures can’t wait to see the wedding photos ❤️❤️

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