Snowdon Engagement Shoot Wales – Sarah&Tom

snowdon engagement shoot Wales

Snowdon Engagement Shoot Wales – Wedding Photography Wales

When you click with someone that’s an incredible feeling. You can click on all sorts of levels. Friends, lovers or soul mates. Individually or all in one. Sarah and Tom can truly say they’ve got all levels ticked.

We know this for sure as we had the experience to spend a whole summer in the Italian Dolomites working with Tom years ago. We were looking forward to getting to know the girl, who met all his criteria and was wanting to settle with his unbelievably big character. Now we had to realise this could only be someone who’s got at least the same silly sense of humour and is not afraid to get (almost) naked on a freezing February afternoon at the bottom of the snowy mountains, just to give this Snowdon engagement shoot that little bit of an edge and have fun in front of the cameras.

We spent the whole day with Sarah, Tom and their little Labrador Pip. We met them in the cutest little place The Ugly House Tearoom where we demolished an impressive portion of Welsh Rarebit, had a cuppa and headed for the hills. There was so much to catch up on and as I always say we love being outdoors and going for long walks with our couples on these engagement shoots, the chat and the photography just blended into one. Pre wedding photo shoots put every couple at ease and on their wedding day they can relax, because they know how Jonny and I work together and how easy it can be with two cameras pointed at you all day. Even the ones like Tom, who think they are comfortable with anything and everything, even they can feel awkward first. Then when the silliness kicks in and you’re making memories with the person you’ve so immensely clicked with, the stiffness disappears and all what matters is the laughter and the love.

– Brigitta

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