Same Sex Wedding Yorkshire – Luke&Craig

same sex wedding yorkshire

Same Sex Wedding Yorkshire – Wedding Photography Harrogate

Winter weddings in Harrogate, Yorkshire and generally in the north of the UK are still not popular. Although I must say there’s real beauty to be captured in every season. The mornings are crisp and the sunsets are hazy.

Winter weddings are definitely different, but they can have such a cosy, warm atmosphere. An absolutely perfect time to bring family and friends together around Christmas time.
Luke and Craig went out big for their wedding in The Bridge Inn in Wetherby. Starting with 6 bridesmaids on each side – big family, extended with lots of good friends, the preparations were excitingly chaotic, but organised.
The ceremony was extremely emotional with Luke’s grandmother finishing it off with a beautiful speech – there were tears.
This wedding wasn’t short of entertainment, seeing as both Luke and Craig are connected to the wedding industry, they made sure there were no quiet moments on their day. They had a Casino room with a Rodeo bull and a Photo Booth, a Magician was circling the venue, a Caricaturist in one corner and chocolate fountain with strawberries in the other.
The surprise Singing Waiters and a small show of a Drag Queen just topped off the night. Not to mention the boys’ hilarious first dance to Tina Turner’s River Deep Mountain High. After the firework display that Luke organised for Craig as a surprise, the party was in full flow the time we left.

– Brigitta

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