Our story

Wedding Photographers Harrogate

Our story started the instant we met in 2007. One year of being friends wasn’t enough for us. After our first Glastonbury together we just knew. We sat in a pub in London for a whole day, talking what if’s … And what if’s became reality.

We knew at this point, that we want to grow old together. Luckily the 1930’s family engagement ring was just the right fit & style and we married six months later.

wedding photographers harrogate

What we didn’t know back then is, that our wedding will become the turning point of our lives on many levels. We wanted a photographer, who understood the importance of every moment and would capture the emotions of our day as they unfold.

wedding photographers Harrogate

It’s the feeling we get from that day and reliving those memories through our pictures, that stirred us in the way of photography and inspires our passion for documentary style wedding photography.

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