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It all started with JPU Photography, wedding photographers Yorkshire. It was established for Jonny Pénzes-Underhill, hence the JPU aspect. Jonny always knew that this would be a building block for the future and he was just waiting for the right time to make the move. Rebranding JPU Photography to Avenue White was a decision that we made together. From then on it was us, the two of us together running the business and taking on weddings. We always enjoyed working with each other, no matter what we were up to, so we feel very fortunate for this to be our future. The satisfaction of the service we offer our clients comes from our hospitality background. We thrive to exceed expectations and we believe in offering more than the best throughout our professional careers.

There is this demanding side of the business as well. We have to cover such a broad area developing technologically within the market, as it’s constantly changing. There are a lot of demands on photographers to keep up with new trends/new technology whilst having a good relationship with their clients. Mastering social media in all its forms and projecting the style and vision for the future through our photographs is the most exciting and challenging task day after day.

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We believe, that a wedding photographer is an artist. Although far from just that.  A thinker, blogger, social media guru, problem solver, stylist, a hands-on all-rounder. Somebody who can put themselves in their clients’ shoes, who understands the very importance of that very important day in their lives. Not only understands but makes him or herself be part of it. Part of the feeling. Part of the day with maintaining the delicate nature of not intruding, staging and managing the wedding but documenting it all without barely getting noticed.

To think about each wedding and engagement shoot before the day is key. To get ourselves hyped up is key. Our couples love the vibe we create the first time we meet them. Why? Because we are just who we are. We are honest. We are laid back. We love what we do. This works for us and we become part of every family we meet. They feel they’ve known us forever and this feeling helps us capture the most important thing at every wedding, pure emotions.

Have a look around our site. We hope you like what you find and if you do, speak to you soon.

– Brigitta & Jonny