Harrogate Engagement Shoot – Bev&Edi

Harrogate Engagement Shoot – Yorkshire Wedding Photography

The location for this Harrogate engagement shoot was very important to Bev. It was where Edi asked her to marry him. They wanted to have their photos taken there so that the start of this new chapter together would live on and not just in their memories.

What really makes taking photos exciting is that we give something incredibly special to our couples. Something they wouldn’t know how to describe. Time comes to a halt on an image. If a photographer sees the subjects for who they are, what they feel and waits for that perfect moment to capture, that’s when people don’t know how to describe what they see. It’s a feeling. A connection.

We loved wandering around Harrogate in the morning sunshine with these two. The town they love so much. They were both genuinely glowing. Chatting about plans of the wedding, their future and telling us stories about the past. There’s something special about Bev’s bubbly personality combined with Edi’s calm presence. They truly match.

I’m excitedly looking forward to their wedding, as I know for sure that no matter what, these two will put on an awesome shenanigan.

– Brigitta

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