The Grand Wedding York – Bailey&Matt

The Grand Wedding York – Wedding Photographer York

The Grand Wedding York was the first time for us to experience American wedding traditions. We were very much looking forward to photographing Bailey & Matt’s day, as we knew it will show us an interesting and different side to how a wedding can be held.

We had been part of many international weddings, from Thai – Chinese, Austrian – German, Filipino – British to Chinese – British and had the chance to experience Scottish traditions as well. This was our first American wedding though. Hearing all about their wedding plans on our long walk around York at their pre wedding engagement shoot session back in December we were sure the big day will be one to remember.

The blue skies and the orange sunset scream Arkansas summer, but no, we were in Yorkshire and we could barely believe how stunning the day panned out to be. We think that the whole tone of a wedding is set at the start. The hours pre ceremony are very important. Jonny always makes sure that the Bridal party is relaxed and floats around with his camera so well, that the girls sometimes forget he’s in the room. Getting ready photos with the guys are always amusing, to say the least. The stories I hear at most groomsmen preparations are not for the faint hearted, but somehow they let me into their circle and I feel like one of the lads.  We both love being involved in the bride and groom’s life for that one big day…and beyond. The friendships we form with our couples are very important to us and we hope they feel the same way.

Bailey & Matt’s unique ceremony conducted at this stunning five star hotel, The Grand by their own priest from Arkansas was full of traditional and moving touches. It was an emotional and very special blessing with the whole room sending their love, support and strength to them.

Not long after we headed out for the first short photo shoot in the scorching hot city of York. We love taking our brides and grooms for more than just one private photo session, as I said in my previous blogs. This can give us the opportunity to capture the couple in different mood and light. To miss a gorgeous sunset or a stormy cloudy sky is never on the cards for us and I hope the pictures speak for themselves.

I could tell stories of the day for a lot longer. Sitting with the guests and enjoying the wedding whilst capturing the essence of the emotions of it all feels great. We get to know our couples even more when we hear stories about them during dinner. The atmosphere of the wedding hit another level with lots of tears and even more laughter throughout the speeches. Nobody was prepared what the DJ had in mind though. This party was up there with the best ones. Seeing as it was a big bonding of Arkansas and Yorkshire the DJ decided to call a dance off. Both sides danced their socks off, but with the boldness of the choreography from the guys, Matt ended up taking the victory. What a wedding. What an ending.

– Brigitta

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