French Alps Engagement Shoot Morzine – Jen&Ryan

French Alps Engagement Shoot – Engagement Shoot Morzine

Jen & Ryan’s French Alps Engagement shoot was a lot of fun, although it was incredibly cold. Spending time with friends on a shoot is always special. The views were worth it too :)

We love the mountains. As do Jen & Ryan. Although they first met at Denver Airport – what a place to fall in love in – they spent their first winter together in Whistler, Canada. Since that winter they spent most of their time together in the mountains. Winters, summers and everything in between. It came as no surprise to their families and friends when Ryan proposed to Jen in Rome last year, that the only certain thing about the wedding was the venue. It had to be Morzine, where they live for over 3 years now. We went to visit them in Morzine earlier this year and on one sunny afternoon they took us to the frozen lake for a cheeky little photo shoot.

We won’t be photographing their wedding in September, as they want us to be an even bigger part of their day. Mainly celebrating, feasting and partying of course. Jonny is one of Ryan’s oldest friends and will be by his side as one of his groomsmen. I’m one of Ryan’s oldest gal friends, so I will be spending the morning with them too…only behind the lens. Just for fun though. They booked a very talented wedding photographer to capture the whole day for them, therefore I’m hoping – although I will have a camera on me – my Prosecco / Pimms / Jäger glass will not be empty for long periods of time that day.

We’re so excited to share this shoot, as we loved every minute of it. Seeing our friends in love and being able to capture the intimacy for them in a few images is priceless. Cannot wait for the big Morzine wedding shenanigans in September!

– Brigitta

French Alps Engagement Shoot French Alps Engagement shoot Morzine

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