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Falcon Manor Wedding | Wedding Photographers Yorkshire

Arriving at Nysha and Jon’s Falcon Manor wedding I was very excited for many reasons. Not only was I super hyped about the stunning venue in the beautiful Yorkshire Dales, but it was a different set up that day. As Avenue White, I usually shoot together with Jonny. On some occasions though when we are booked separately it still is a thrill to be fully in charge of the wedding and to be the lead photographer working with some amazing second shooters. This time it was the brilliant Joe Dodsworth who helped me capture this seriously fun wedding.

The excited buzz that surrounded Nysha that morning carried on being consistent throughout the day. Her fun attitude and her passion for both Jon and all their friends and family were very warming and she swept me off my feet with this positivity. As she slipped her gorgeously tailored wedding dress on, Jon was already super nervously waiting for her at the very intimate St Stephen’s church in Skipton. Nerves can get to someone so much faster and more intense when time seems to stand still. When Nysha finally walked down the aisle, the relief, the joy and all the love he has for her were on show. He didn’t hold anything back. It was beautiful. Everyone knows it about me, I do love when men cry. When they have a reason of course. I believe in tears, in true feelings.

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For the afternoon reception and wedding breakfast, we headed back to Flacon Manor where the serious fun began. Nysha’s dad, Tony is a right extravagant character with a serious sense of humour. His speech wasn’t easy to follow, but Jon again took the emotional route and no eyes were dry after he was done. The party kicked off with a very stylish choreographed dance routine by Nysha & Jon followed by a bride & father dance. The dance floor was oozing with funky moves and I’m sure the party didn’t stop for a good few hours after I left.

– Brigitta

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