Engagement Shoot Yorkshire – Suzi&Steve

Engagement Shoot Yorkshire – Wedding Photographers Yorkshire

Suzi and Steve’s engagement shoot Yorkshire is a very good example of how a spontaneous shoot can go. When Suzi told us, that Steve and herself would like a rural countryside pre-wedding session, we just pointed at the map and said let’s meet up here. Somewhere none of us have ever been to.

Skipwith Common looked exactly what we had in mind. The villages and windy roads around the area gave us some stunning backdrops of natural colours of spring. The cherry blossom trees were in full bloom and the rapeseed fields were such a vibrant yellow that day. It was a nice afternoon finding some different areas, giving such diverse feel to the shoot. Their constant smiles and the way Steve admired Suzi was very sweet. He didn’t even blink an eye when Suzi came up with the idea of climbing a tree. This was a first for us, normally we are the ones climbing trees or getting covered in mud. We let them do what they felt like doing, what came naturally.

We believe in letting our imaginations float. Instead of planning, we love going with what a day, a place and our couples have to offer.

– Brigitta

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