Engagement shoot Wales – Chimayne & Ian

Engagement Shoot Wales

Wedding Photographers Wales – Engagement Shoot Wales

I have never been to Wales before. I was excited for this engagement shoot Wales. I didn’t even care we had to drive five hours that day, hike up some hills and do some more work in the evening back in Harrogate. Long and eventful day, but all worth it for these views.

Ian grew up in Wales, to him the beauty of the valleys surrounding his hometown is natural. It was Chimayne, who thought the moorland and the mountains just a short drive from their house was the perfect location for an afternoon walk with us. She wanted that the feeling she got the first time she went up there with her best friend a few months before to come through the photos Jonny and I captured. I really hope it does. It definitely does to me. I feel closer to nature recently a lot more than I’ve ever believed I would. These photo shoots – no matter if engagement or wedding – open such different kinds of feelings for all things beautiful with their unpredictability. We rely on unreliable conditions and let it surprise us with stunning outcomes.

– Brigitta

Engagement Shoot Wales
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