Engagement Shoot Harrogate – Claire&John


Engagement Shoot Harrogate – Wedding Photographers Yorkshire

When we first met Claire and John, they had invited us to their home. We don’t do many meetings like this as most of our couples live in different corners of the country. It was nice to see their home and be part of all the excitement that comes with organising a wedding.

The way they believed, that we were the right photographers for them from the very start, was quite touching. When researching photographers John phoned Claire one day and told her to check out Avenue White’s website. Claire smiled to herself and said she already had us at the top of her list.

It’s one of the nicest feelings in our line of work to get on with our couples so well that they treat us as their friends and we let them into our lives as well. The chats and laughter on photo shoots, like this Harrogate engagement shoot with Claire and John, stay with us and we carry the mood onto their wedding day. When we discussed possible locations for their pre-wedding shoot, they wanted to stay local to their home town.  They both love the area and the North Yorkshire countryside has so much to offer, it’s very versatile.

After all it’s not only style that matters, we have to make sure that we connect with our couples on every level. When they fall in love with our work, we want to be sure that both their engagement shoot and their wedding day will be amazing as they trust us and believe in us.

We’re looking forward to spending some more time with Claire and John on their Old Swan wedding day in Harrogate and capture all the fun that they have got in store for us.

– Brigitta


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