Doddington Hall Wedding – Jo&Ed

Doddington Hall Wedding – Lincolnshire Wedding Photography

The fun factor at weddings is a topic, that not many people talk about. We mention stunning venues, cool cars, cringe worthy best man speeches, we go on about the highs and lows of emotions of this big day, the love and intimacy that is almost electric.

So I felt it was time for me to write about the importance of the laughter and the cracking atmosphere at Jo and Ed’s Doddington Hall wedding.

We knew this Lincolnshire wedding will be one of those big days, that most guests and vendors attending will tell tales of for a long time. At our first meeting with Jo and Ed at their Yorkshire engagement shoot earlier this year we felt an amazing connection with them. We loved their natural flair and that they’re not afraid to show how they embrace every moment spent looking each other in the eye. The giggles on that photo session helped us produce some of the happiest images.

The unknown throws people off their easy going attitude a lot though. I wasn’t expecting to find Ed as nervous and apprehensive as I did. All he wanted to do is to get in that little red TVR and drive to Jo. The waiting game continued at the truly magnificent venue just outside Lincoln, Doddington Hall, until Jo finally turned up driven by the fastest rally driver we have come across at weddings so far. The ceremony room was filled with guests and we all felt like we were taken back to the early 20th century with piano playing as Jo entered the room. Ed didn’t turn around, he waited until she got to him. His first smile looking at Jo had so much warmth and he felt at home instantly.

I am getting carried away, because the details of the wedding grabbed me. Nothing was over the top. It all has been very relaxed and natural, whilst in beautiful high standards and style.

Reception drinks and canapés with a bit of live music are a great way of calming those nerves after the ceremony. This is where the fun really begins for the couple. They can breathe. We love taking them at this point for a little private shoot, as this gives them the opportunity to be themselves together for the first time, with only us in the distance catching those real signs of happiness. We couldn’t miss stopping at some rape fields on route to their marquee, this time of the year the whole countryside was glooming in yellow. Jo and Ed only told us about their hay fever and allergies after we had the photos we had in mind. That is dedication and trust in the photography we will produce for them I think.

The wedding party waited for them at their farm, where the family working together had put on a stunning marquee, decorated by them all. The fun started the instant we arrived, as the pitch’n putt was a big hit with money to be won at the end of the game. Unlucky for all who played along the Groom took the best shot and all the winnings. An incredible magician was circling the tables and amazed everyone with his quick tricks. At this point we felt like guests at this wedding. When after the speeches the live band Mammoth took the stage everybody was on their feet. Their 10 minute long 90’s mash up we will never forget. The unbelievably happy atmosphere was taken onto a whole new level when after 11pm headphones were handed out and the Silent Disco kicked off. At this point there was no turning back, we knew it. There was no doubt about staying the night with always a camera on us, capturing this hilarious fun and Prosecco filled night.

– Brigitta

Doddington_Hall_Wedding_01 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_02 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_03 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_05 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_06 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_08 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_07 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_09 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_10 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_11 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_12 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_13 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_14 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_15Doddington_Hall_Wedding_16 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_17 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_18 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_19 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_20 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_21 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_22 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_23 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_24 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_25 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_26 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_27 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_28 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_29 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_30 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_31 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_32 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_33 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_34 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_35 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_36Doddington_Hall_Wedding_37 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_38 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_39 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_40 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_41 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_42 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_43 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_44 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_45 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_46 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_47 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_48 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_49 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_50 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_51 Doddington Hall Wedding Yellow Fields Bride and GroomDoddington_Hall_Wedding_53 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_54 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_55 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_56 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_57 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_58 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_59 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_60 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_61 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_62 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_63 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_64 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_65 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_66 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_67 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_68 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_69 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_70 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_71 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_72 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_73 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_74 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_75 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_76 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_77 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_78Doddington_Hall_Wedding_79 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_80 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_81 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_82 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_83 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_84 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_85 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_86 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_87 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_88 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_89 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_90 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_91 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_92 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_93 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_94 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_95 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_96 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_97 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_98 Doddington_Hall_Wedding_99

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