Cherry Orchard Farm Wedding – Sarah&Tom

cherry orchard farm wedding

Cherry Orchard Farm Wedding – Wedding Photographers Cheshire

We got invited to this Cherry Orchard Farm Wedding last year by a friend Tom, who we worked with many moons ago in the Italian Dolomites for an unforgettable summer season. It seemed he finally found his match and Sarah and him were planning a very laid back tipi wedding at this stunning lakeside location with some friends we couldn’t wait to see again.

We were told to pack our tent as the couple and most guests stayed on site and camped overnight. What a brilliant idea we thought. We didn’t have to worry about getting home tired after a long day’s shooting from Cheshire and we could truly enjoy the day.

Getting on with our couples is very important to us. Being on the same wave length and knowing each other for a little longer gave us the opportunities to capture Sarah & Tom at the most intimate moments. As we had shown this in a few images from their engagement shoot session in Snowdonia, they were not shy when it came to outstanding pictures. To be honest we don’t think Tom would have been any more reserved with other photographers he hasn’t met before. So we feel lucky in a way, and feel honoured that they loved our style of photography as much to chose us for their big day.

Jonny didn’t want to miss out on all the jokes with the boys, so this time I spent the morning snapping away during the preparations with the girls. I loved the simplicity of Sarah’s style. Her dress complemented her tall slim figure and brought her short hair do with the flower crown to centre point. When the weather got a little cooler she added a distressed denim jacket to her dress and the boho look was complete.

Their small church ceremony was very touching and as I mentioned in previous blogs; we get slightly more emotional at family and friend’s weddings. This wasn’t an exception. It was stunning. What followed at the Cherry Orchard Farm was a relaxed afternoon with a Farmer’s Market style food stall set up with local produce and a live acoustic set by Ben and Dan. The evening carried on in a great mood with emotional yet hilarious speeches and delicious Mediterranean sharing platters.

We then put away our cameras half way through the party and carried on enjoying the night without documenting the rest. Thank you to Sarah & Tom for letting us be a huge part of their wedding day!

– Brigitta & Jonny

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