Bolton Abbey Engagement Shoot – Sarah&Oli

bolton abbey engagement shoot

Bolton Abbey Engagement Shoot – Yorkshire Wedding Photographers

Wedding season is definitely getting very close. With only two weddings for us in March we had time to get quite a few of our pre wedding shoots these first few months of the year done.

This Bolton Abbey engagement shoot we’ve organised with Sarah and Oli near their wedding venue The Devonshire Arms. Bolton Abbey is a favourite spot of many couples in Yorkshire as it gives them a little bit of everything…the ruins of the abbey, a river with stepping stones and a bit of forest as well.

Taking photos at famous landmarks can be tricky, as most photographers want to show the location in their images, but trying to do so without actually taking a snap of a certain building itself with the couple in front of it is the real challenge. We love this side of the job. The creative, challenging, thinking side of photography. Climbing trees, balancing on rocks and lying in muddy fields doesn’t scare us at all and it makes each shoot that much more exciting and memorable.

Spending a few hours with our couples for the first time is always very refreshing and time flies by as we chat about how they met, what their lives are about and their plans for the wedding day. This loosens the mood and even the most camera shy couples end up having fun with us and each other. Sarah and Oli were continuously giggling and that comes across very well on the photos. Being comfortable in front of two cameras is far from easy, and although they thought they won’t pull it off, they definitely did.

– Brigitta

Bolton_abbey_engagement_shoot_ 01
Bolton_abbey_engagement_shoot_ 02
Bolton_abbey_engagement_shoot_ 03
Bolton_abbey_engagement_shoot_ 04
Bolton_abbey_engagement_shoot_ 09
Bolton_abbey_engagement_shoot_ 05
Bolton_abbey_engagement_shoot_ 06Bolton_abbey_engagement_shoot_ 08
Bolton_abbey_engagement_shoot_ 07
Bolton_abbey_engagement_shoot_ 10
Bolton_abbey_engagement_shoot_ 12
Bolton_abbey_engagement_shoot_ 13

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